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Who we are

For over 25 year of package design and manufacture, The Packaging Company (TPC) has been successful in providing innovative packaging and branding solution for world wide cosmetic, beauty, and pharmaceutical companies. Our objective is to help our customers achiever greater market share through high product quality and exceptional packaging services such as branding, product development, custom tooling, injection mold, engineering, and design assistance.

Our product line includes a wide selection of color cosmetics and makeup packaging products such as aluminum lipstick cases, plastic lipstick cases, lip gloss and lip balm containers, compacts, mascaras, eyeliners, pencil, brush, and make-up applicators, as well as skin care and pharmaceutical packaging products such as airless bottles and plastic cosmetic tubes.

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Innovation is the key


A strong, unique, and sophisticated color cosmetic package is the key to attract consumer and cultivates brand value. Unlike other beauty and skincare products, consumers who shop for color cosmetics are more likely attracted to the packages speaking to them at the point of purchase rather than choosing a brand. This is an advantage and a challenge for brands to find their market share in the highly competitive environment.

For over 25 year of designing and manufacturing, we have been providing our customers with successful branding and unique packaging solutions that help worldwide color cosmetics and skin care brands achieve prestige position in the ultra competitive market.

True innovation does not come by luck; it is the results of extensive marketing research and product development. Partnering with our clients, we learn about their brand core values and do consumer behaviors research and market trends to find an effective packaging solution.

Aluminum on the rise

The trend toward packaging that provides a bit of luxury and glamour is growing for lipsticks as well as other color cosmetic categories.  From creative design to high-end materials, brands are seeking for new ways to make their products stand out. They embrace aluminum as a beautifully decorative asset adding luxurious finish to the product as well as communicate unique marketing message. To help our customers keep up with market trend, we develop a full line of aluminum packaging components and overshells including lipstick cases, foundation and cheek tint sticks, mascara and eyeliner bottles, cosmetic pens and pencils, and etc. For those who seek a unique position in cosmetic and skincare business, we provide effective design consultant and custom tooling to meet our customers’ needs for any challenging packaging project.

Custom Design

Cosmetic and beauty industries are also fashion business, and consumers’ tastes and trends constantly change. In order to keep up with this trend, TPC offers endless decorative possibilities for brands to attract consumers.

Aluminum component
If you choose aluminum for primary packaging components, anodizing can be used to achieve almost any custom color, besides gold and silver, giving your brand a unique signature. Embossing and debossing can give package an impressive feeling.

Plastic component
Using plastic components with UV coating or metallization is an economical alternative to launch metal look packages. This approach has been using by mass marketers to attract high-end consumers. UV coating and metalized effects allow plastic to mimic the look of metal, adding luxury to the package at a low cost. Our stock plastic components including lipstick cases, lip gloss bottles, cosmetic compacts, and sifter jars are available in a large selection of styles in which customers can choose from and customize with unique color and finish, transforming ordinary packages into extra ordinary ones.