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Lip Gloss Container

Young consumers embrace lip-gloss because of its romantic shimmer and moisturizing formula that make their lip brighter and healthier. As for lip gloss packaging, there are needs for a fashionable look and an innovative delivery system.

A wide selection of TPC lip-gloss containers are available in different styles, sizes, and shape for customers to customize through our high-tech coloration, finishing, and printing. Materials include PP, AS, PE, PET, and Aluminum. Different styles of brush or applicator are available to meet your specific packaging demand.


Translucent and see-through lip gloss packaging allows consumers to see the colors, an important feature of color cosmetic packaging. Square and thick wall lip gloss bottle is the favor style for high-end products. We also offer aluminum cap lip gloss, double ended lip gloss for 2 in 1 packaging, and non traditional lip gloss packaging such as a twist or click pen.