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Plastic Lipstick Tube

For mass marketers who want to add luxe to their lipstick products, plastic lipstick tube packaging with UV coating or metallization is perfect solution. UV finish adds shiny details, glistening surface, and pearlized effect to plastic lipstick tubes, making them shine on at retails. This is a cost-effective packaging solution for brands to target both mass and high-end consumers.


Modern lipstick tubes are designed with a high fashionable look, more colorful and are playing big role in setting the brand personality. With a wide selection of sizes, styles, and shapes, TPC’s plastic lipstick tubes are perfect choices for any lipstick project. Creative decorations and finishes will transform ordinary packages into extraordinary ones. Brands can select a stock packaging shape and customize with their preferred PMS color and finish. Printing techniques include silk-screening, hot stamping, embossing and debossing. The bi-injection design of clear base lipstick can be color matched to the lipstick color. This approach has been using by high-end brands who strongly focus on consumers preference.